How to make Youtube load faster, less buffering!!!
 sxephil youtube channel suggested to do this pc computer trick on his video by blocking some ip ranges it will improve loading a video on youtube and vimeo, his link is below his video.
few ways to speed up youtube to make youtube load faster
in windows os this may not work for win.8

1-click on start button type "cmd" in searchbar

2-Right click "cmd" then click "run as admin"

3-then copy n paste in this code

--> netsh advfirewall  firewall add rule name="MITCHRIBARYTUBE" dir=in action=block
remoteip=, enable=yes

OR- Just Click on any youtube video then click on the "gear" shape on the bottom video player bar then change it from 720p to "360p" resolution. then click- "never play hd high quality videos"

post comments if this worked for you, it worked for me, thx

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