EASY WAYS How to eject Stuck PS3 dvd game!

1st way - how to eject ps3 game? ps3 blu-ray dvd game stuck fix

2nd way - how safely remove a disc from your PS3 system when pressing the eject button doesn't work.

1. Turn off the PS3 by unplugging the power cord.

2. Put your finger on the Eject button and hold

3. keep your finger on eject, plug in cord turn on the PS3.

4. Wait for 10 to 30 seconds fan will get louder then release and keep tapping eject button. 

5. game should eject


on ps3 slim

1. turn ps3 face down, remove rectangle panel with screwdriver 

2. insert screwdriver in hole next to screw under that panel you just removed & turn counter clockwise.

3. keep turning counter clockwise till you see disc slowly move out of ps3 then remove it.

if nothing works call ps3 Sony PS3 Tech Support-  1-800-345-7669

or For service, please visit http://service1.us.playstation.com/rm...

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