Common Fixes for Sony bravia TVs KDL XBR- Red light blinking CODES!

to reset sony TV 1st unplug all cables from tv and power for 5 minutes but if that reset fails then next is to factory reset by holding TV Remote's "UP" on directional pad while pressing "power" ON THE TV.

Red led light blinks flashes, red light error code troubleshooting Chart,

2 red flashes is bad power board

3 red flashes is bad main or power board

5 red flashes is bad lcd panel connection or internal lcd short- expensive fix

6 red flashes is backlight error check bad main board, power board or inverter boards- unplug one by one to see if tv stays on

7 red flashes is main board over heating

8 red flashes is main board sp prot

11 red flashes is trident IC, bad main board

12 red light flashes is tcon error bad T-con board or bad LCD panel (tv turns off after a minute)

13 red flashing is backlight balance error bad lcd panel or inverter boards (common) or balancer boards on kdl-52v4100 only

14 red flashes is HFR error bad TCON or Bad LCD panel, in this video its bad T-con board.

"how to download update"

Download UPDATES KDL-52W4100 & KDL-52V4100

Sony kdl-52w4100 usb update -

Sony KDL-52v4100

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